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2016 Award Winners

Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 01:20 PM

Here are the award winners for the 2016 SJTFL Season

Regular Season Awards
Award Men's Stats Women's Stats
Most Valuable Player
Robin Park
26 pts, 88 TDP's
Malorie Harris
57 pts, 16 TDP's and 4 INT's
Offensive Player of the Year
Evan Constantine
221 pts score, 35 TD's
Malorie Harris
57 pts, 16 TDP's
Defensive Player of the Year
Craig Cooper
19 INT's
Sue Hickman
14 INT's
Rookie of the Year
Sam Burt
118 pts, and 1 INT
Allison Button
36 pts and 33 sacks
Most Sportsmanlike and Effective Player
Greg Woolgar
59 TDP's
Gina Keeping
7 pts and 4 INT's
Breakout Player of the Year
Dave Collins
103 pts and 4 INT's
Stacey Sweetland
46 pts and 1 INT
Beast Award
David Rouah
124 pts and 12 INT's
Krista Meek
7 pts, 8 INT, and 1 sack
Referee of the Year
David Rouah
Playoff Awards
Award Winner Stats
Men's A MVP
Jordan Constantine
14 pts
Women's MVP
Sue Hickman
1 pt, 3 INT's
Men's B MVP
Sam Burt
24 pts
Mens Team MVP Awards
Team Winner Stats
Dwayne Taverner
97 pts, 1 TDP, 5 INT's, 2 sacks
Aaron Greene
54 pts, 15 INT's
Jordan Constantine
37 pts, 2 INT's
Mark McLaughline
20 pts, 16 INT's
Ryan Pittman
2 pts, 41 sacks
Jerry Jesseau
24 pts, 50 TDP's, 9 INT's
Sam Burt
118 pts, 1 INT
Stuart Wallace
54 pts, 10 INT's
Grant Harvey
5 INT's, 1 sack
Kyle Taylor
68 pts, 6 INT's
Womens Team MVP Awards
Team Winner Stats
Amy Costello
68 pts, 11 TDP's, 14 INT's, 2 sacks
Lori Power
7 pts, 5 INT's
Sarah Strickland
38 pts, 4 sacks
Susan Stuckless
54 pts, 6 INT's, 3 sacks
Krista Meek
7 pts, 8 INT's, 1 sack
Vanessa Sutherland
2 sacks

2016 Champions

Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 10:25 AM

Congrats to all winners for the 2016 season. Thanks to all fans, players, teams, and refs for another great year. See you all in 2017.

  • Mens A Champs: Chargers
  • Womens Champs: Hickmans
  • Men's B Champs: Spartans

Men's A Champs, 4 years in a row, the Sundance Chargers.

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Women's Champions, their 10th Championship, Hickman Motors.

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Men's B Champs, Spartans.

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